Right now, you can help protect tropical forests and biodiversity. You can help New York State’s small businesses.

And you can do your part in the fight against climate change. 

Let’s pass the New York TREES Act.

Tropical rainforests help reduce carbon emissions and global warming. But global corporations are illegally chopping them down to make more room for industrial agriculture. 9 million acres of rainforest were lost last year. And when they’re gone, they’re gone forever.

But you can help save them. Passing the Tropical Rainforest Economic & Environmental Sustainability (TREES) Act is something New Yorkers can do right now to help fight climate change, and preserve a livable world for future generations. And you can help make it happen.

With the TREES Act, we can curtail deforestation, create opportunities for local businesses, and it won’t even cost consumers a dime. That’s a win-win-win.

Passing the TREES Act will stop New York from buying forest-destroying products.

  • Every year, New York State spends millions of taxpayer dollars buying forest-destroying products like beef, soy, and lumber that were grown, raised, or built on former tropical forest land. Your tax money encourages deforestation and makes the global climate crisis worse.
  • The Tropical Rainforest Economic & Environmental Sustainability (TREES) Act will end that, by making sure New York State public funds are no longer spent in ways that contribute to tropical deforestation. It will help companies verify and certify that their products are forest-safe. And it will give New York State’s own agricultural businesses an advantage in state contracting.
  • New York has the 10th largest economy in the world, a state government with significant purchasing power, and a high profile nationally and globally. We can and should be leading other states – while also making sure we stay competitive globally. 

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